Handyman Dublin Ohio

Handyman Dublin Ohio

When should you hire a handyman in Dublin, Ohio? The truth is; it depends. At My Handyman, we encourage our clients and prospective clients not to get hung up on our name. My Handyman is far more than just another handyman service. We are a full-scale fixer-upper, knock-her-down-and-put-her-back-up-again company! We can serve as contractors for large projects, such as home additions and home remodels. Conversely, we regularly get hired for small home repair, home improvement projects, such as gutter cleaning, light, and faucet fixture installations, plumbing tasks, and more.

About 80% of our business comes from the latter - somewhat minor home repair and home improvement projects. We do a lot of work in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements as well. We recommend that you find a handyman in Dublin, Ohio, such as My Handyman, and save our number in your phone. This way, you have our number on hand whenever you need a handyman's services.

We Provide Customized Handyman Services

One of the features that our clients enjoy exclusively with My Handyman is familiarity and customized services that they can only get from a locally owned and operated company. For instance, let's say you call My Handyman during the spring or summer to stain your deck for you. Later, you call us again to help you install your new sinks in your kitchen and bathroom. My Handyman will send the same technicians that you dealt with before if you liked their work. Of course, we have to accommodate both schedules to do this, but we understand that our clients often want to work with the same person whom they have established trust and rapport with.

How it Works When You Hire a Handyman in Dublin, Ohio

If you have a long honey-do list, hiring a handyman in Dublin, Ohio can be an excellent way to knock them out quickly. A handyman will typically charge by the hour, so you can aggregate a bunch of little projects together. When we first meet with a customer, we'll have them show us what they want to have done around their house. We develop our own list of materials, and we'll go to the cheapest supplier to get premium materials at the lowest possible cost to our clients. When you call My Handyman, you won't need to have any tools or supplies for your job. We'll take care of all of that for you!

Do Your Homework!

When you hire a handyman, you will do well to first check their credentials, but remember, it's going to be dependent on the job that they are doing. For example, plumbing and electrical work always require a license. My Handyman is one of the only handyman companies around with these credentials, and we are experienced in a wide range of handyman services.

Contact us regarding your home repair, home improvement needs, and we'll get the work done for you at an affordable price. Let us show you why My Handyman is the number one rated handyman in Dublin, Ohio.

Handyman Dublin Ohio
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Handyman Dublin Ohio
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Handyman Dublin Ohio Handyman Dublin Ohio