Home Maintenance in Columbus, OH

Regular maintenance is the key!

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with a vast array of home services, delivered in a courteous, professional, and cost efficient manner. My Handyman Upper Arlington, or anywhere in Central Ohio, provides you with convenience and peace of mind while enhancing your home’s efficiency and safety features.

If you spend valuable time each year coordinating different contractors, if you are performing self maintenance, or perhaps you are not performing important home maintenance procedures,invite us to your home for a FREE consultation. We’ll show you how we can customize a maintenance plan that suits both your home and your budget.

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Take back that free time you deserve, have more time to devote toward family, friends and hobbies. Convenience, peace of mind, enhanced safety features and energy efficient, cost savings…all things that come with a Personalized Maintenance Plan!

Seasonal Home Maintenance

Most home maintenance activities are seasonal. Fall is the time to get your home ready for the coming winter, which can be the most grueling season for your home. During winter months, it is important to follow routine maintenance procedures, by checking your home carefully for any problems that may arise and taking corrective action as soon as possible. Spring is the time to assess winter damage, start repairs and prepare for warmer months. Over the summer, there are a number of indoor and outdoor maintenance tasks to look after, such as repairing walkways and steps, painting and checking your chimney and roof.

We provide the best maintenance services for your home!