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Hanydman Powell Ohio

At My Handyman Powell Ohio, we take every step and procedure possible to make sure the stress is taken out of your next home improvement / remodeling project. Our very experienced team has been doing this work and has been in this business over 25 years. We offer services for both residential and commercial properties. You can rest assured that all of our handyman have passed an extensive, comprehensive background check. My Handyman Powell Ohio does this so that you have peace of mind and security while we’re working in your home.handyman powell ohio
My Handyman Powell Ohio is a perfect fit for your next home or business project. Whether it is an entire home or screened porch, or adding another room or extension to your home or business, we are well equipped to handle any project you may have. My Handyman Powell Ohio will help you develop the perfect plan for your home, considering your budget, the materials needed, and the functionality intended.
Our building plan begins by formulating a proper checklist for the project that includes a lists all of the  necessary tasks needed to be performed in a successful home or business extension project. Trent and his crew will develop a complete set of home construction plans to perfectly fit your needs and desires. The home extension plans contain an entire suite of documents. The documents include initial sketches of the home or business addition, architectural structural drawings, plot plans and an itemized list of materials needed to complete the build.

And why not save yourself a lot of hassle by having your project completed using our skilled and highly trained professionals?

You can have those tasks accomplished, whether you don’t have the time, the skills, or the patience!

Here at My Handyman we take price in the fact that we’re revolutionizing the industry by bringing a much higher standard of excellence to your home and business. Call My Handyman Powell Ohio today and get started (or finishing) that project you’ve been putting off or dreading!