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Remodeling a bathroom has a 182-price recuperation, according to Remodeling’s 2004 study. You might, however, feel daunted at the task as a DIY project, which is rightfully so because of the excess cost that comes from it, and you don’t want to mess it up. Having a handyman available who has ripped out and remodeled numerous bathrooms will come as an invaluable asset that could help you in your bathroom remodeling. What are some of the reasons to hire a handyman for your bathroom remodeling?

#1: Experience of the Best

Provided you have hired an expert in bathroom remodeling, you can rest assured that the bathroom will look phenomenal when he finishes. This most likely won’t be his first job. Don’t be afraid to ask for photos and samples of his previous work because you’re paying good money for this project. If he’s not willing to show a portfolio, that’s a warning sign. In addition, most reputable handymen will be proud to show their previous work. They know that they have done a good job.

#2: Expert’s Time Frame of the Project

If you’ve ever attempted to do a home improvement project, you understand the temptation to do other things and get off track. When doing a bathroom remodeling, you can’t afford to get off track. You will need to use the bathroom at some point, and you don’t want to worry about when you will be able to use it. When you hire a local handyman, he will give you a projected deadline for when the project will be finished. This gives you peace of mind because you know that it will be accomplished. A handyman will normally focus on some of the smaller jobs, including those that general contractors take on. This means that they will usually have a flexible schedule that allows for the best in services. Because of their wide availability, your project will normally be completed quickly as well.

#3: Saves on Time

Especially when you have kids, work and other social commitments, a handyman means that you don’t have to work around this schedule. Instead, he comes in to complete the job with the minimal fuss. You’re paying him to save you on time. Even the most laboriously planned projects can fall by the wayside when not given enough attention, and they take much longer than expected. In fact, you want your attention to be on other more productive things. You don’t want this project to linger for years. You want to finish it so that you can get back to living your daily life.

#4: Having the Right Tools

Handymen will already carry the correct tools for the job. This means that you don’t have to visit the hardware store and spend a small fortune putting together the right toolbox just to get started. You have everything you need for the job upfront. Most likely, he will also come with local suppliers and relationships that he built over the course of years from being in the industry. In this way, he can normally secure a more favorable rate for you on the materials. Along with having an adequate toolbox, he will also understand how to use the tools correctly. It can take some time to understand how the tools work.

#5: Protects Your Biggest Asset

You might never believe it, but doing a DIY project can be hazardous because you don’t understand the actual mechanics of it. You could install something incorrectly for your home or hurt it in other ways. Having a handyman available helps to minimize the stress. If you have lingering doubts about a home renovation project, you can save yourself a lot of stress when you hire a handyman. Stress has become one of the parts of renovating the home. That especially becomes true when it isn’t your expertise for the project.

#6: Minimize the Risk of Injury

Likely one of the biggest dangers that you face is an injury from renovating the bathroom. In fact, one survey discovered how one in four DIY projects wound up with someone going to the hospital because of an injury related to home improvement. The effects of lost earnings and time because of an injury can be scary enough.

Biggest Dangers

The cause of injuries from renovating a bathroom will normally come from using hand tools, knives, and table tools improperly. While many of these things might appear to be common sense, people still get injured using them regularly. Not following basic rules can get you into an accident, and having a handyman who follows the basic rules of safety gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to get injured. Some of the things to be aware of include plumbing jobs and small electrical things or the use of chemicals. You have to be sure that you use them correctly.

What to Consider When Hiring a Handyman

You have a few important things when looking at local handymen and what they offer. Here are some things that you need to consider:
• Budget
• Portfolio
• Reputation
• Reviews

Budget plays a big role in the handyman you choose. When looking at a budget, you don’t necessarily want the most expensive handyman, and you don’t want the least expensive either because they will most likely have many hidden costs. Everything with the handyman should be laid out in plain detail in terms of price. Choose the healthy middle ground for the budget.

To have true peace of mind with a handyman, you have to look at their portfolio. What examples do they show of the work that they have done in the past? You might even ask if it would be possible to see some of this work or get a reference from one of these customers to ensure that the work has gone well since.

The reputation of a business can make or break them. A business with a poor reputation overall has most likely earned this reputation. Especially when you consider how you’re often paying over $10,000 for a bathroom renovation, are you willing to risk that kind of money with a business that has a poor reputation? In general, it isn’t worth it.

When choosing a handyman, you may want to check them out on Yelp or one of the other review sites. This can give you a better idea of how the handyman operates. While you might be able to look past one or two honest mistakes, you should look for what type of service the handyman seemed to give in general. In addition, how did the handyman respond to customers if something went wrong? Many times, you can tell a lot about a handyman based on what type of response they leave for negative reviews. For example, if they seem to take a hostile approach where they’re subtly or not-so-subtly blaming the customer, it could be a negative sign.

Instead of trying to do the project yourself, why not pick out a handyman that takes care of everything that you want to a higher standard. In most cases, you will feel much happier with the results in the end. Take the time, however, to do your research on this because you need to pick the right handyman for the job. Interview a couple different handyman to ensure that you have picked the right person for the job, and it ensures that you get the best results.