Handyman Powell Ohio – Painting Your Home

Handyman Powell Ohio

It is a new season, the weather is changing, and you are feeling like changing the color of the inside of your home and painting your walls. Mostly any homeowners can paint the walls of their homes by themselves, but it may take some help and tips to get started. Or you can recruit a Hanydman Powell Ohio and leave all of the hassle to us!

Based on preference, think about your surface (your walls). Are you planning on scraping off all of the old paint or are you just going to paint over the previous paint? Remember that darker colors are sometimes hard to hide and cracks in walls are not easy to hide with just a fresh coat of paint. Prep your surface accordingly.

When priming your wall to hide the previous color, it may help to add a tint of the color you want into the priming paint. This will ensure the previous paint will be hidden, and the tint of your new color will help set up the addition of the new color.

To protect floor and furniture you can do two things: use plastic or cloth. Typically cloth is more inexpensive and easier to use! Cover any furniture and floors with old towels, cloths, and things of the sort. This protects the floor just as well as the plastic, but is easier to place around objects and doorways. This is something Handyman Powell Ohio is very knowledgeable about.

To store your painting tools over the night if you need to finish the next day, remove excess paint from the brushes and wrap them in plastic-wrap – the kind that you find in nearly every kitchen. Then refrigerate them. This keeps the paint in between bristles from drying out and usable for the next day.

These are just few among many tips to painting the interior of your home. If you do not know how to paint an interior of a home, or do not have the time, be sure to call a handyman Powell Ohio to perfectly complete the project.