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Handyman Dublin Ohio

The days are getting warmer and now is the time to start putting time and work into maintaining a yard that all neighbors are wanting. Most lawn care is easy and not to time consuming but you need to know where to start. That’s where a Handyman Dublin Ohio can help.

To start the process you can remove all the weeds in the space – this may even mean taking off the layer of grass in the spot. You can then rent a rototill and dig up the ground about six inches to loosen the soils. Here you can add compost to provide more nutrients in the soil. Now you can pack down the dirt and grade it with a rake – be thorough with your raking!

To seed the dirt for grass to grow, the easiest, but most expensive, route is to place carpets of sod. If you do not want to hand seed the lawn, this is your best option along with the option of hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a great way to even spread seeds among the dirt. Hire a professional at Handyman Dublin Ohio who specializes in this to help!

For maintaining your grass, people often are mistaken to cut their grass too short. This causes extra stress on the grass and allows the ground to dry up faster in the sun’s heat. It may benefit you to move your mower’s blades to the highest it can go to help with this issue. This can also help reduce weed growth because most weeds need a lot of sun to grow.

Many find success in watering their lawns only once per week – but heavily. Also, there should be two times per year that you use fertilizer on your grass to provide extra nutrients. A great way to remove weeds is to mow often, to knock the tops of the weeds off before they spread their seeds, and to have healthy gras that overcomes the weeds.

There is a lot one can do for a lawn to maintain rather than a simple watering and an occasional mow. Your lawn needs occasional nutrients, proper height, proper watering and air supplies. To save yourself some trouble, just call on a Handyman Dublin Ohio to take care of this task for you. Most people don’t know how to maintain a lawn but a handyman is perfect for the job because they are trained to handle tough lawns. If you are unsure about how to handle your lawn or do not have enough time in your day to maintain it, consult a professional – it’s what they’re there for!