Handyman Dublin Ohio – Bathroom Renovations

Handyman Dublin Ohio

As we edge into summer you may be thinking about remodeling your home or replacing things. One way to make a drastic change in your bathrooms is to replace the toilet because that is what most people use the bathroom for. Here are some tips from My Handyman Dublin Ohio that will help with the process!

After you have removed the old toilet you need to first check and see if the hole is big enough for your next toilet. To enlarge the hole you may need to cut away excess flooring with a saw but remember not to cut any joists. Put your soil pipe in your closet bend and place the flange over your pipe. After trial and error to find the right fit, attach the collar to the floor with screws.

My Handyman Dublin Ohio then recommends you prepare your supply line by allowing it to drain and then drying it. After it is cleaned you can apply the escutcheon and stop valve – remember to point the valve upwards. You can then heat and solder the joint.

Now is the time to actually set the toilet bowl into place. After you have placed the wax ring, place the toilet around the wax ring without shaking or twisting. If the floor seems uneven you can always even up the toilet with metal washers. Be sure not to tighten the bolts too much because it may crack the bowl. Now you can add the tank onto the toilet! If this sound like a can of worms that you’re not ready to do yourself, call on the professionals at My Handyman Dublin Ohio to take care of it for you.

This is a general way to install a toilet – hiring a professional handyman is necessary to complete this task. Rather than spending hours fulfilling a complicated project, you can hire a handyman to install your new toilet. A handyman can help with the selection process and installation of your new toilet. Changing this in your bathroom will give you the feeling of a completely new bathroom!