Handyman Columbus – What We Provide

What Can Our Handyman Columbus Ohio Provide?

In short, a licensed handyman Columbus Ohio can do almost anything. At My Handyman Columbus Ohio, we offer everything from commercial and residential jobs, remodeling, home maintenance and emergency services.


For commercial businesses our trained professional handymen can help you with new building additions, carpentry, installation of flooring, drywall repairs and even routine maintenance. This routine maintenance means we can provide services like painting, caulking and even replacing light bulbs that may be out of reach. In our residential services we can build around your own time schedule to complete tasks like: gutter maintenance and cleaning, kitchen and bathroom renovations, carpentry, glass and screen repair on doors and windows, and more! Chances are if it needs fixing we can help.


Our professional handyman Columbus is well-equipped to handle in-home remodeling and changing your home to how you want it. When you choose us to help you, we will communicate often with you, obey the budgets and deadlines we both agree on, and we respect your space and time. We can offer help to changing your kitchen, bathrooms, any additions to your home, any cosmetic touch-ups and work, and more. If you are unsure on what exactly you are wanting done in your home we can help design and offer tips and plans to help the process of remodeling.

Home Maintenance

Along with the projects we can do involving remodeling, we can do seasonal maintenance too! In the Fall we can prepare your home for the winter with things like window and door seal fixing, sprinkler system preparation, and more. During Winter we recommend getting your home checked regularly and maintained so it can endure the cold winter. In the Spring we can help you prepare for the Summer by looking at possible damage from Winter and starting repairs before Summer comes. During Summer we can assist you in maintaining walkways, roofing and painting.

It does not matter which season it is or how big, or small, the project is. Our team is made up of the best professional handymen and we are wanting to help you make sure your properties maintain their value and you are living in a safe home that you love.