Handyman Columbus Ohio – What To Expect

When Hiring a Handyman

The next time you need some work completed around the house or at your business you may hire a handyman Columbus Ohio that can do most, if not all, of the work. There are a few things to remember to help make the process smooth and easy.

Get Reliable References

There is already enough stress deciding to follow through with a home renovation or deciding which handyman Columbus Ohio to choose for the projects around your home. Finding reliable references that can tell you truthfully what kind of person your potential handyman is and the kind of quality work they do will make this process ten times easier. Because word of mouth is the best way to get an honest review, do not be afraid to ask for references.


Before hiring, be sure to check their licensing and certifications for what a handyman Columbus Ohio is credited for. If they get hurt on your property and do not have their own liability insurance then you are going to be liable – make sure they have their own liability insurance to save you another headache.

Request an Estimate

Request an estimate before you agree to it – yes, this may seem obvious but it is important when hiring a handyman Columbus Ohio or contractor. In terms of their estimate, they should offer up a number within 15 percent of what the project will actually come out to. Tell them you know this fact too so they do not come up with a severely-low price just to acquire your business. You may have to pay a little extra if you request a detailed estimate. This can also be a great time to discuss if they would prefer to be paid per hour or at the project’s completion.

After all of these things are taken care of, make a schedule for them to complete the work by and make them sign a contract that discusses each task to be completed and when it needs to be done by. We can help you with this process at My Handyman in Columbus, Ohio – if you need someone to help maintain your home or to help with a renovation go to https://myhandymancolumbus.com/.

It’s your home and your life, let us help you build a better one.