Handyman Columbus Ohio – Gutters

The Process of Installing Gutters

If you have not hired a handyman Columbus Ohio to help put the finishing touches on your home then you may be left with having to install gutters. These are for making sure rain is dispersed properly as it falls off your home and they are needed on nearly every single home. This process should only take about a weekend and it is not too complicated. The price can vary depending on what types of gutters you buy and how many you need to buy which is why hiring a handyman Columbus Ohio is a good route to take – they should know what they are doing.

Planning for the Gutter

An inspection of the areas around your home is needed to spot any rotting wood or materials that need replacing – to put up gutters there needs to be a good foundation to build upon. If there is a crown molding around the home, which there often is, you will need to remove it. You will need to locate where to properly have the gutters drain – try to put them in places that the will rarely be seen.

Preparing the Gutters

Make sure you overlap any seams about three inches and then caulk and rivet the pieces together. Do this but include an extra inch of overlap for joining together two different sections of gutter material. When creating the end of a gutter cut an inch after the end of the fascia board to grab the extra water from the overhanging shingles above. Make sure to include downspout outlets for the water to escape down. When hanging the gutters, be sure to add a slight slope so water can be carried by gravity. If the gutters are perfectly balanced with no slope, water will tend to sit and debris may build up. In order to prevent water from falling behind you gutters, do not forget to include the use of a gutter apron to fill the gap. Our handyman Columbus Ohio can certainly take care of this for you.

Installation of Downspouts

Now that the gutters are prepared and placed you can start to add the downspout pieces to control the direction and location of the falling water. Instead of using rivets to combine pieces, use screws for easy disassembly and relocation – also attach pieces with the crimped ends facing down. After this comes the installation of any support bracket to help hold the weight of any heavy spots.

As you can see the process of installing gutters can be difficult to some – there are many more minor details to include in each of these steps as this is just a walkthrough of how installing gutters can be done. It may be more costly to have professionals install gutters but it is more worth it because they know each small detail to include in the process of installing gutters. If you need help with this contact our handyman Columbus Ohio and we will be happy to help with the installation!